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Fitrition Is An Online Weight Loss And Life Style Management Program.

Our programs are completely natural and based on the body cycle of losing weight through an optimum nutritional intake and healthy eating plans. All diet plans are individually customized.

All diet plans are individually customized and we have more than 500 national and international clients who consult us through the internet and email for online weight loss programs. We monitor every stage of your journey and stay in touch with you via email.

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What We Do

  • Natural Weight Loss And Maintenance
  • Flexible Diet Plans
  • Easy To Cook And Source Ingredients
  • Freshly Cooked Calorie-counted Meals
  • Nutritionally Balanced, Perfectly Portioned Meal Delivery Service
  • Customized Diet Plans For Each Client
  • Corporate Nutrition Program
  • Access To Nutritious And Tasty Recipes
  • Special Diet Plan For Children

Fitrition Services

Weigth Loss Pro :

A program to lose weight and inches. A diet plan is based on your food habits, timings, lifestyle and your goal. The methods are simple, easy to follow and with a variety of options to choose.


PCOS is a hormonal disorder affecting many women resulting in abnormal weight gain, increased blood sugar levels and infertility. Losing weight is the only way to manage PCOS.

Weight Loss ++ :

It is a program for those with medical and health conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol, hypothyroid. This program is easy to follow with high success rate and no special cooking is involved. We take each step only after inspecting and analyzing your health records.

Kids Nourishment ( age 3-12 years ) :

A program depending on the individual built, height, weight & activity levels for optimal growth & nourishment. Childhood obesity has affected one third of our kids. Gadgets, instant foods & ready-to-eat junk have changed our lifestyle completely.or kids involved in physical activity or a sport. Extra attention is given to the energy levels, growth & development.

Healty Food, For Breakfast.

It is time to BALANCE your life & nourish your soul!

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