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Stay Healthy This Diwali!!!

During Diwali we tend to eat a lot of sweets; we should keep a check on our health and weight. Foods should be enjoyed in small amounts. Here are few tips to stay healthy for Diwali. Pre-Diwali party: Pre-Diwali parties are something one can’t avoid and most parties have fried foods and lots of sweets. Eating a heavy meal slows down the metabolism. Choose salads, soups, fruits, grilled and roasted foods. Have a light meal before you go for a party that will help you to stay full and will not indulge in wrong foods.

If its Diwali or Christmas, continue with your exercise: During Diwali and for a month after Diwali, increase the duration of your exercise by 15 minutes. It is better to stay active and fit to keep the weight gain away.

Pick Low-fat, Low-sugar Ingredients:
All of us usually make sweets at home for Diwali. Choose ingredients that are low in fat and sugar content so that the end-product is healthy. Be careful about not getting fooled by the “low-fat” label on your ingredients. 

Use Less Oil:
A list of delicious food has been prepared for the guest; just make sure you cook them in a limited quantity of oil. Having the “occasional” fried food gives you more cholesterol. Even occasional oily food should be less on oil.

Stay Hydrated 

During the festival season, its snack time and you can’t refuse your guest by saying I am on diet.  A glass of water is enough to make your stomach partially full and hence, you will eat less. This way, you limit your calorie intake.

Eat Consciously:

Be conscious of what you eat during festivals. You can also attend an extra workout session after the gala ends. It’s you who will decide the quantity of meals eat either a healthy or unhealthy meal in portions.

Alternatives to Sweets:

This Diwali instead of following the tradition of serving the guest sweets, serve health snacks like roasted dry snacks, dry fruits, fruits, nuts etc.

Post Diwali:

After Diwali every one wants to lose that extra weight & go for a detox. You have to understand your body. Detoxification is good for cleansing but it’s not the one stop solution. Detox cannot be followed for many days. It can be done for 3 days. Follow a healthy balanced diet .intake more of fruits and vegetable, fresh vegetable juice which give more fibers, eat less salt and sleep well. A rested body will  absorb the right food and  digest well and which will promote weight loss.

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