About Us


Fitrition Is A Online Weight Loss And Lifestyle Management Program

‘Fitrition – Nutrition for Life’ is an online weight loss and lifestyle management program. With a vision of providing services in the area of preventive health maintenance, Fitrition takes care of your fitness and nutrition.

The online weight loss program is based on healthy eating plans and optimum nutritional intake without the use of any artificial fat burner, pills, tonics or any other shortcuts. Here at Fitrition, we follow the natural body cycle of losing weight. Steps are taken on the fact that food has the power to heal.

Fitrition is an expert online weight loss solution & lifestyle management programs , focusing on receiving people from over & other ailments all over the globe

online consultation – One of the greatest opportunities in today’s time is the potential to safely utilize the power of the technology revolution to meet the challenges of improving health and providing better, safer, sustainable care and solutions to all. Online consultation has become as easier as direct consultation thereby removing the barrier of distance. Various options are available for online consultation which thereby helps an individual to stay healthy. For those who are unable to visit us personally can have their medical nutritional consultation done via email, video call or phone call. In our experience, online consultation is as effective as face-to-face consultation when it comes to positive results.

Our Mission And Vision


Make Weight Loss & Lifestyle management Easy. Engaging and Accessible to all.



Vision is to reach all over the globe, by constantly exploring new innovative ideas to make the structure and principles of all our online weight loss programs effective, convenient and easy to follow.


Fitrition programs are based on healthy eating and losing weight without dieting , as we follow the natural body cycle to shed weight. Here are few reasons why Fitrition will be the best weight management program for you.

Vegetables 70%
Fruit 95%
Proteins 90%
Dairy 80%
  • Programs are designed in cycles with expected outcomes.
  • Relish 1000+ healthy recipes.
  • Save travelling cost. 24×7 online support
  • Personalised diet charts and recipes
  • No prior appointments, travelling to clinic or waiting
  • No expiry date for program completion
  • Personalised diet charts and recipes
  • No medicines or special herbal powders
  • Round the clock access to Raheela via email
  • Direct supervision of Raheela Hasan
  • All charts & tools available on your smart phone
  • Unlimited query support
  • Startup Kit – Diet chart, Global restaurant menu guide, Alcohol guide, Cheat sheet, Portion, Guide, Weight monitor
  • Maintenance –  Post program maintenance including maintenance guide, Cheat sheet and SupportLIFETIME.
  • Membership at  www.fitrition.in gives you access to Recipes, Blogs.


Create your ‘Health Account’ and fill up the nutrition analysis data form. This form will tell us everything we need to know about you, through various sections like Personal Information, Health History, Nutritional Analysis and Medical History.

Raheela will design your START UP KIT and the diet chart, and explain the whole procedure in detail. You just have to follow the diet for 7 days and on the 8th day morning, weigh yourself on an empty stomach and update the weight record sheet.

Great !

We shall study the issue again and resolve it.

The diet chart changes with weekly update which you send to us. This cycle continues till the program duration you have enrolled for. At any point of time, you can always mail Raheela and will soon get back to you.

Most of us, within a few months, put the weight back on after being off the diet program. It can be avoided with balanced nutrition!

The last session of your program is reserved for maintenance. Raheela will help you to CELEBRATE LIFE!

You will receive a personalized CELEBRATE LIFE MAINTENANCE KIT and a lifetime access to the HEALTH READS and RECIPES.

All these tools shall ensure that you stay healthy, happy and celebrate life!