Raheela has the expertise and experience in the health and nutrition domain for six years. She offers services in this field and has delivered best and assured results for 600+ clients. She recommends easy to follow and natural diets. Today diet therapy has advanced tremendously and diet solutions are not limited to weight loss but there are diets for medical issue and purpose as well.

We have several national and international clients who we consult for weight loss programs online. We monitor every stage of the weight loss journey and stay in constant touch with clients through email or a pre-booked call.

This program is divided into cycles – each cycle lasts for 7 days. A new diet is sent in every cycle, after following it, the weight tracker has to be filled and submitted. A Start Up kit along with other guides will be provided at the beginning and trackers like travel/fasting/festival/holiday and special diets are incorporated as and when suited best for your program.

The last cycle is the maintenance cycle, where you get back to eating as per your regular food habits. This cycle has features like ‘Cheat Sheet’ and ‘Celebrate Life’ maintenance kit which ensures that the lost weight is not put on again.

  • 1. Do read our program selection guide. That will guide you regarding what is the best program for you.
  • 2. After studying your Nutrition Assessment Form (NAF) we will ensure that we recommend the best program for you.
  • 3. Still have doubts? Post your query on need assistance on the home page of www.fitrition.in

The NAF has questions like ‘who cooks at home’ and ‘how many meals do you eat outside’. So basically, each diet plan is totally tailor made, keeping in mind your needs, preferences as well as the country of residence. We make it very easy to follow a given pattern and more than a set menu, you are taught to eat in portions correct for you.

Most of our clients do not do any form of physical activity due to their busy schedule and yet have managed to lose a good amount of weight. We work on the 80/20 principle of nutrition science.

  • 1. You have to update your NAF. If there are further queries, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.
  • 2. Your diet plan will be sent via email
  • 1. After receiving your first diet plan online, we will be available for any queries via email. All your queries shall be answered in the shortest time span.
  • 2. You also have to update your weight monitor record at the end of every cycle. As soon as we get your updated weight monitor record, we will review and send a new diet plan for the next cycle.
  • 3. During every cycle, if you face any issues in following the diet, you can update us and we can re-program.
  • 4. At Fitrition, diet programming is totally based on your lifestyle, we believe in making the process light joyful and stress free. Fitrition just doesn’t make you lose weight, but makes the journey light and easy.

Whenever you are travelling and unable to follow the diet from morning till night then your diet plan will be on hold. You will go on a momentary diet for those days. If you remain inside the momentary diet options, you will enjoy your trip and you will be able to maintain your weight when you come back.

At Fitrition, we work on cycles. Every week is a different cycle. For some reason if you are unable to do a cycle properly the reason is genuine – like special events at family, unexpected travel or festival; we allow you to repeat the whole cycle. So, you don’t end up stressing about weight loss program completion just because it’s about to expire.

We also do not count any travel/festival periods as a cycle making it easy and relaxed for you even when you are on a holiday.

As you achieve your desired weight loss we put you on a weight maintenance program absolutely free to maintain weight as you cannot follow our plan forever. During the diet plan your body is deprived of so many food items so we gradually get you back on regular eating routine by adding the food items that were avoided during the weight loss program. You must continue with the 60 minutes of physical activity and we also educate you so that your knowledge increases and you become your own health manager.

No.The weight loss that we provide is totally natural and gradual. The diet is nutritious to make sure that the glow is intact, so you will have even more radiant skin.

Yes. You will lose your body weight along with inch loss. We take measurements at start of program and repeat every one month to keep a track of inch loss along with weight.

Body skin has an elastic property. When you are on our diet, we recommend 60 minutes physical activity to help you tone faster.

No. We will be doing your full body analysis. If you have any medical issue or if we feel the need to see any particular report after doing your analysis, only then will we recommend medical tests.

Yes. When we take your full body analysis we also do detail study of your medical issues. Food and diet recommendation will be prescribed to give you better health along with weight loss.

Yes. If you want to lose weight and you do not have support of physical activity then a proper diet becomes very crucial as the entire responsibility of weight loss comes on the diet. You can lose up to 2 kg every month.

Yes. In hypothyroidism there is under production of thyroxin hormone due to which one gains weight as the metabolism slows down. We customize a diet and workout plan that helps you lose weight. We have had many thyroid patients and they all have lost weight, so it’s possible.

Yes. In poly cystic ovarian disorder there a multiple cysts around the ovaries effecting the menstrual cycle and leads to weight gain. The right medication is required. Customized diet plan is made accordingly to achieve best results.

Not at all. Anybody can stop eating, be on liquids or water and lose weight, but that is not a healthy approach. We show you how to lose weight in the most healthy and nutritive way. We recommended a balanced meal which includes all the five food groups, eating every hours hours, you are given diet worth calories required by you according to height and weight and advised to workout 60 minutes everyday so that your metabolism increases and you get the best results.

Socializing and eating out is a part of our routine. Even though you are on diet, you can go ahead with get-togethers and parties. A strong will power and focus on your goal will help you. It’s always good to eat wisely and enjoy the company of people more than looking forward to food. To deal with this, we have made eating out menu which has a list of things you can order from the menu when you go to a restaurant. This way you can make a healthy choice. In spite of this, if you feel you have over eaten, then try covering it up with meals on the next day and by increasing physical activity during that week.

Yes. The role of diet is 50% and workout is 50% in entire weight loss. To get best and continuous results it advisable to work out regularly for 60 minutes in a day. Due to long working hours, if you are not left with much time then we recommend doing in- house physical activities at least for 15 minutes like spot jogging, skipping, climbing stairs… Removing 15 minutes persistently everyday will also work wonders in your weight loss regimen.

No. The entire diet is made with a purpose to deliver results in the most natural way so there is no question of any side effects. Instead, there will be lots of side benefits like glowing skin, better hair quality, feeling energetic and light.

No the diet is individually customized in such a way that your energy levels are fine the entire day. You are advised to eat every two hours so energy levels remain at its best. If you have an issue of low energy levels, then we give you an energy booster to increase your energy levels from what they currently are.